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NeuroSpot is a behavioural insights company using the latest findings from cognitive neuroscience and behavioural economics to help companies make better brand and marketing decisions. One thing we know is that "humans are irrational, but predictable" and that predictability is your commercial advantage.

We’re focused on cutting through the subjectivity of what consumers say they want, to bring objectivity to brand’s decision-making. Our mission is to bring together: Science + Emotion = Insights.

We believe consumer insights should be exciting, it should be cutting edge and it should be reliable. If that’s what you believe, perhaps it’s time we talk.

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The human behind NeuroSpot

Cole Armstrong

Founder & Director

NeuroSpot was founded by Cole Armstrong, a seasoned market researcher with a background in psychology and consumer neuroscience. After spending the last 10 years working in market research in NZ and the UK, working for several well-known retail, FMCG and financial service brands, Cole went back to his first love of neuroscience. This is built on a belief that consumer brands were suffering from a lack of objective – and proven – methods to measure the emotions that are so important in the purchase journey

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