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Knowing why customers do what they do, isn’t always simple – people often say one thing but do something different. Chances are they’re not lying to you – they just don’t know what’s going on inside their own head. 
Why? Behavioural economics talks about System 1 and System 2 thinking – the difference between an emotion driven subconscious form of thinking that drives the majority of our decisions vs a more rational, logical form of conscious thinking. 
Understanding this key point is the first step to understanding your customers, in whatever touchpoint you’re interested.

Advertising testing

Advertising that resonates

Helping your business better understand how to reach customers – and how to motivate them with your message. This can involve advert concept testing and optimisation, unpacking your brands position and distinctive assets, or understanding the impact of different media choices.

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Instore experience

Increase basket size & repeat purchase; improve customer experience

There’s a myriad of factors affecting a customer’s instore experience, and most of them a customer wouldn’t even be aware of. If you’re looking to improve your customer’s experience, increase basket size, or encourage repeat purchases we can help identify what these are – and suggest what you might do about it.

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UX testing

Achieve Your Goals

Offering customers an effective and enjoyable online experience isn’t a choice anymore –it’s a requirement. But customer expectations are higher than ever, and small frustrations in the purchase experience can result in a potential sales opportunity turning to a competitor. We can work with your team to unpack what really makes an impact on your customers – and how to nudge them through to completing their online journey.

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Package testing

Package design that pops on the shelf

One of the biggest marketing tools at your disposal is the way you present your product on the shelf. But if it doesn’t get seen or it doesn’t motivate someone to follow through and purchase, it might just sit there on the shelf. We can help find out how your package appears to your customers, and what might just nudge them to buy it.

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Behavioural consulting

Understanding - and working with - how your customer thinks

Ever wondered why your customers behave the way they do? Thought it was strange that they didn’t respond to your latest message, or weren’t buying the products you thought they were? We can work with you to find out what cognitive biases you may have inadvertently tripped that is pushing your customers away – sometimes it just requires a small nudge back.

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