Our toolkit

Ever wondered what was going on in your customer’s head? Wanted to know what someone really felt? Or even wanted to find out exactly what someone looked at? So did we!

Fortunately, we make use of a suite of the latest techniques from the world’s of psychology and neuroscience to find out answers to these exact questions.

EEG - brain response

EEG measures someone’s brain responses, letting you get a deeper read on how motivated someone is, how engaged they are with the material in front of them, and even how hard their brain is working.

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Galvanic skin response (GSR)

When you get excited or frustrated (hightened emotional state) there is a physiological response in your skin – your skins sweat and conduct electricity. GSR allows us to measure this.


Eye tracking

Eye tracking allows us to track what and where people are looking – whether that’s in store or on a screen. This can unpack what people see – and what they miss – and their search patterns can indicate a customer’s mindset at a point in time


Experimental and response time surveys

Surveys provide an interesting perspective on people’s attitudes – as long as you ask the right questions. NeuroSpot makes use of online experiments and response time survey questions to get underneath what they say they think – and get to true beliefs.

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