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Optimising AA Insurance’s online experience – a scientific approach to UX improvement

AA Insurance is NZ’s leading personal insurance provider, offering house, contents and  motor insurance amongst others, direct to consumers for almost 25 years. A key focus  has been to constantly improve and optimise their online sales funnel, making the  process easier and less taxing for potential customers.

This is no easy task, with customers needing to be asked for a number of pieces of information to adequately assess risk and pricing.

So how do you find those small opportunities that  can have an outsize effect on consumers?

The challenge

The online sales process involves a number of  questions being asked of customers, and different  brands present this to their potential customers  in different ways.

So how do you know what layout and approach  works best, or what aspects of your current  experience could be improved?

AA Insurance knew that some of the most  important opportunities for improvement  wouldn’t be consciously recalled by customers,  as 95% of human decision-making happens  subconsciously. They were looking for a more  objective, scientifically-based solution, that  would identify how a consumer felt throughout  the experience, and what elements were being  missed due to the page layout.

The solution

AA Insurance turned to NeuroSpot, and its  scientific approach to measure how people  actually engage with the online experience.  Combining the best approaches from consumer  neuroscience, NeuroSpot turned to eye tracking  to find out what customers looked at, or what  they missed, and a device called GSR which  measures changes in people’s emotional state.

Combining these tools allowed AA Insurance  to pinpoint what moments during the  experience resulted in greater frustration to  their customers and benchmarked against  the industry. This objectivity leads not only to  recommendations and improvements, but the  ability to prioritise those changes that will lead  to the greatest impact.

The result

AA Insurance was able to further validate the  issues its customers were experiencing in the  online sales process. This combined with new  insights into previously unknown customer  pain points has meant AA Insurance has been  able to prioritise and focus on changes that  best support their customers, supporting improvements to online conversion and helping  to drive strong business results.

According to John Lewis, Digital Platform and  Performance Manager at AA Insurance:

"Working with NeuroSpot gave us great insight into what our customers feel and experience  when using our website. That we could measure this and see how key pain points affected  people has enabled us to focus our effects on the areas that make the biggest difference to  our customers. Using NeuroSpot’s scientific approach has created huge value and opened up opportunities that wouldn’t have been found otherwise. We look forward to continuing our work with NeuroSpot."

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